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In order to prevent their children from marrying poor spouses, wealthy Ranjit Rai, and his close and equally wealthy friend, Harbanslal, deceive their children. They get them to sign a marriage certificate, which states that Ranjit's son, Ajay, is married to Harbanslal's daughter, Madhu. But both Ajay and Madhu fall in love with Kajal and Raja who are poor. Ranjit and Harbanslal concoct several schemes but are unable to separate the lovers, and then finally give in to their demands, and arrange their engagement. Things get complicated when intimate photographs of Kajal and Raja surface, and their authenticity is vouched for by none other than Kajal's paternal uncle.
Wealthy Ranjit Rai would like his only son Ajay to marry Madhu the daughter of equally wealthy Harbans Lall. But Ajay falls in love with Kajal and Madhu falls in love with a mechanic Raja. When the two rich men learn that there children have chosen poor spouses they deceive them by getting them to sign a document which states that Madhu is legally married to Ajay. Things does not go into there favor and they decided to hatch a plan to prove that Raja and Kajal is having an illegitimate relationship thus making the way clear for Ajay and Madhu to get marry.
The film is one of the best films of all time.All the characters steal the show.But the most beautiful comes when the ladies have a good bonding and handle each other. As brothers Aamir and Ajay are perfect.The scene when Aamir tries to escape the other is hilarious. The fights b/w Kajol and Aamir is also funny. The plot gets serious and Kajol is supported by Aamir as a best friend. There is plot and it is beautifully executed with super songs. The climax is expected but the change in the fathers minds is surprising. There is a friendship b/w each other and is also good because of the background scores. Each character get equal role in each segment. Overall a wonderful creation that makes us watch every time we see it.
This movie has comedy, romance, drama, action, etc. All in all a complete Masala movie. But that doesn&#39;t mean its a great movie. <br/><br/>Thesecond half is almost unbearable. A complete flashback to the early 90s movies. Opposing family, drama, violence etc. <br/><br/>The first half was funny and very good. The actors were close to perfect. Aamir and Juhi set the screen on fire with their chemistry. Kajol was her usual self. <br/><br/>Juhi has a flair for comedy as does Aamir. Ajay was good too. <br/><br/>Bottom line, regular Bollywood viewers will enjoy. May be a bit too much for others.

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