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Follows the adventures of the Cuylers, an impoverished and dysfunctional family of anthropomorphic, air-breathing, redneck squids who live in a rural Appalachian community in the state of Georgia.
I absolutely love this show. It&#39;s whole basis (if you get the joke or like this stuff) is about poor southern folks lives in a strange way i.e. through southern squids. Anyway the reason i like the show is because i&#39;m a born country boy who moved to hick country Kentucky and people like this can be found here. When every kid grows up hunting and all that shim. Anywayz this show is all about how random and unorthodox southern simple folk are. <br/><br/>And now To the story….+ spoiler for the first episode. (You kinda have to) It&#39;s about a family of southern, poor, squids. The 1st episode introduces you to Jr who lives with his aunt and grandmother (grandma being VERY senile and random). He&#39;s a good simple kid who just wants to make is dad proud and have fun. He&#39;s on the search for his father who he has never met. So he looks for him and finds him……in jail. After seeing him he loves his dad and hates him. His dad drinks, kills, is ignorant and outrageous-Father like son. So the good old warden lets him off the hook because he&#39;s full of joy for the reunited father and son. BAD IDEA!!!! <br/><br/>This sets a chain reaction off for the rest of the season with Early (Jr.&#39;s dad) trying to be a father, getting a job, and just getting life back together while he lives with his sister, mom and son. Plenty of knife fights, gun battles, random deaths and weird hats.<br/><br/>The point is to give this show a try. You&#39;ll either love it or hate it. All in all very enjoyable and you&#39;ll feel smarter every time your done watching the show.<br/><br/>THE CHOICE IS YOURS!!!!!
Wow, verbusen from Kuwait needs to lighten up. With all due respect, it&#39;s an 11-minute Adult Swim cartoon. Squidbillies does not set out to make everybody in Georgia out to be backwoods hicks. It is not a social commentary, it&#39;s a comedic animated short about redneck squids. I personally think this show is hilarious, but you have to follow along with the commentary as it moves fast and the humor lies in the dialog. The very premise is absurd, but then again so are talking fast food items (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) or a superhero attorney (Harvey Birdman). These cartoons feature talented writers that offer up ridiculous plots and clever writing, meant to be laughed at and not scrutinized for their value to society.

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